She Is Love by Parachute

She Is Love

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"She Is Love" is the debut single by American band Parachute and is the lead single from their debut album, Losing Sleep. It was released on 13 May 2009 and debuted at #98 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it has peaked at #66. Songwriter Will Anderson said that he tried to write a very simple love song that he could sing in front of a room full of girls he was trying to get to come to a show. The song has also peaked at #14 on the Adult Contemporary Chart, and #4 on Heatseekers Songs. The album version was produced by Chris Keup/Stewart Myers. The full band version was produced by Kyle Kelso. Show video tutorial!

About the Artist

Parachute is a pop rock band from Charlottesville, Virginia. The members graduated from college in May 2008 and since then have been touring and promoting their debut album Losing Sleep full-time. Fly Magazine defines Parachute's sound as "blue-eyed soul, adult pop, Maroon 5-style faux-funk: it's the Goldilocks of pop-rock, neither too hot nor too cold, but just right". Originally named "Sparky's Flaw", the band changed its name to "Parachute" in 2008. The reason for this came from the fact that Nivea wasn't willing to feature a band with the word flaw in its name. Since their graduation from college, Parachute has been touring with artists such as O.A.R., Switchfoot, Duffy, Matt Nathanson, and Jon McLaughlin. As a part of their first major tour following the release of Losing Sleep in the summer of 2009, they will tour with artists such as 3 Doors Down, The Script, Secondhand Serenade and Kelly Clarkson.
She Is Love

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