All the Way Turnt Up by Travis Porter

All the Way Turnt Up

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"All the Way Turnt Up" is the debut single by rapper Roscoe Dash for his Ready Set Go! album. The song features Soulja Boy. The video features Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy performing the song alone in some sort of stadium.The song features a skateboarder trying to jump a gap but continuously falling each time, until the end of the video, in which he jumps and clears the gap. Also, the song features the Joseph Wheeler High School basketball team, coming off a loss and needing inspiration. The original version was named, "Turnt Up", and produced by Vybe Beatz and features Atlanta rap group Travis Porter & rapper YT. This version started the feud of Travis Porter & Roscoe Dash because Travis Porter made Roscoe Dash (ATL was Roscoe Dash's stage name at the time) a featured artist of the song on one of the group's mixtapes in 2009, after finding this out Dash removed the group from the song & re-recorded it with Soulja Boy. Show video tutorial!

About the Artist

Travis Porter is an American hip hop act from Decatur, Georgia. Ali and Quez are Stepbrothers; the two met Strap while attending the same middle school. The three grew up together and began exploring music in 2006. The group’s biggest hits are "Go Shorty Go","Bananas" "Bring It Back" and "Make It Rain". Travis Porter released a biographical film titled Proud to be a Problem on May 18, 2010. Travis Porter has a YouTube channel with over sixty million views and a Twitter page. In November 2010 the trio signed with Jive Records. Travis Porter has not only performed throughout much of The USA, but the group has also performed internationally. In 2008 the trio took a tour through , Kaiserslautern, Germany and Bamberg, Germany. They appeared in one of Atlanta’s biggest concerts, Birthday Bash, during the summer of 2010 and on the The Mo'Nique Show. Travis Porter also performed with Canada’s own Drake at BMI’s Unsigned Artist showcase in Atlanta.
All the Way Turnt Up

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