A Man of Great Promise by The Style Council

A Man of Great Promise

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A Man of Great Promise is the eighth song of the album Our Favourite Shop which is the second album from the band The Style Council. The majority of the album's material was released (with different sequencing and packaged with an entirely different cover design) in the USA as Internationalists by Geffen Records (which has been a sister label to Polydor Records, the band's UK label, since 1998, under Universal Music Group). Lyrical targets include racism, excessive consumerism, the effects of self-serving governments, the suicide of one of Weller's friends and what the band saw as an exasperating lack of opposition to the status quo. All of this pessimism is countered with an overarching sense of hope and delight that alternatives do actually exist—if only they can be seen. The album contained the Top 10 singles "Shout to the Top!", which reached #7 in the UK, and "Walls Come Tumbling Down!", which reached #6 in the UK. The contained musical styles are far-ranging; Soul, rap, jazz and rock stylings all occur on the album. Show video tutorial!

About the Artist

The Style Council were an English band, formed in 1983 by the ex-The Jam singer and guitarist Paul Weller, with keyboardist Mick Talbot. The permanent line-up grew to include drummer Steve White and Weller's then-wife, vocalist Dee C. Lee. Other artists such as Tracie Young and Tracey Thorn (Everything but the Girl) also collaborated with the group. As with Weller's previous band, most of this London based outfit's hits were in their homeland, although the band did score six top 40 hits in Australia, and seven top 40 hits in New Zealand.
A Man of Great Promise

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