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Many guitar players today started their musical journey by learning guitar on the web. Forget about guitar tabs, music teachers and so. The best way to learn how to play your favorite songs starts right here! On this site, we will give you some of the best guitar lessons on video you can find on the web. Video Tutorials is a new teaching way, modern one that became very popular among sites as Youtube and Metacafe. Unlike the old times, in which you used music tabs to play different tunes, or take endless boring guitar lessons, in today's modern world, guitar video tutorials is the next big thing! At this site you will find virtually endless number of free guitar lessons using our video tutorials provided for free. We know that there is a guitar lover in everybody and that all of us deserve to learn how to play on guitar. Our fine collection of guitar lessons has the finest songs and you are more than welcomed to play any of the guitar songs you always dreamed of!

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